We remain proudly family owned and operated since founding Wicks Estate back in 1999.

'As brothers, mates and co-founders; we believe the success of Wicks Estate can be attributed to our joint vision, dedication and hard work'. 
-Tim and Simon Wicks.

Our family has deep roots within the Adelaide Hills. It’s the place we love and call home. But we didn’t start out in the wine game.

Then and Now

It was our agricultural ties that first captured our passion for the Adelaide Hills, with the establishment of the Wicks family fruit orchards and nursery at Highbury by our great grandfather L.J. Wicks in 1918.

Back then the nursery was used to propagate fruit trees for returning soldier settlements after WW1. The orchards grew a number of fruit including plums, apples, peaches, apricots and even persimmon.

It was only in 1999 when we purchased the 54 hectare property, we now call home—and Wicks Estate; for its unique aspects, premium vineyard sites and diversity of its terrain; that we ventured into the world of cool climate wine. Fast Forward 20+ years and Wicks Estate is a true family affair; involving our partners, children, friends and even our dogs (whom you may recognise from our Instagram feed)!

We’re truly heartened to see the younger generation of Wicks growing into the family business, as it too grows and evolves.

So... very importantly, what do the Wicks women like to drink? Well, Jule loves the Pamela Sparkling for the texture and flavour that’s created by its time on lees. But more to the point, she loves the pop of the cork and that it signifies celebration, good times and shared occasions with family and friends.

Susie’s favourite is mood dependent, and therefore subject to change. At the moment she’s loving the Rosé, for it’s colour, beautiful dry finish and sheer drinkability (always responsibly of course).

And mum’s favourite, well, that was always an easy one—Pamela. After all, it was named in her honour.


Wicks Pick


We may be in the business of making great wine, but it’s people, the environment and our community that matter to us most. And, that’s what drives our ethos and how we go about what we do. We’re really proud to be part of the Adelaide Hills community and support a number of local organisations, sporting clubs and charities; such as the Variety Club of SA, whom we have supported for over 20 years.

In terms of sustainability we’re always looking for ways to improve our practice and up our game. We currently ensure all winery wastewater is recycled on site and irrigated back into the vineyard. In 2016 we saw the installation of our 80 KW solar system, which we're proud to say now provides over 65% of our winery's energy needs.

Our Favourites